Robo-Test Team on site at Roche Parma AG

Grenzach-Wyhlen, the Robo-Test team, visits the contaminated landfill, currently under remediation by Roche Pharma AG.

Kessler Grube, Grenzach-Wyhlen

Roche Pharma AG takes their responsibility seriously. Roche has committed themselves to remedy the western part of the Kesslergrube contaminated site (perimeter 1 and parts of perimeter 3). Roche is removing waste material, and the contaminated subsoil down to the groundwater. To remove the landfill material, the site is canopied. The waste and contaminated soils are treated and transported in dedicated containers for thermal disposal.

This contaminated environment requires automation, with safety being a main concern. Robo-Test discussed necessary scenarios for automated and autonomous vehicles in this environment. Autonomous vehicles in contaminated areas can help keep humans safe, and minimize the amount of work needed in such environments. The Robo-Test team is making progress and gained further valuable insight for its SynDAB project.

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